Simple image analysis APIs
for compliance and faster customer onboarding

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  • Image Quality (Blur) Detection
  • Identify Document Type
  • Redact Sensitive Information




Quick Customer Onboarding

Improve business by expediting customer onboarding process and using APIs at early stage to validate and automate customer provided data

Reduce Frauds

Validate and comply with business and regulatory requirements using AI/ML assisted engine along with manual oversight

Reduce Manual Verification Costs

With fully automated verification flows, business gains with reduced manual verification costs and proper utilization of human resources

API Integration

With simplified API calls and team to assist, business can leverage image analysis into variety of use cases with ease and speed

Control On IT Security

With the freedom to host On-Prem, business can now enforce all the required IT Security and compliance controls which are not feasible in a cloud environment

Latest and Updated

With constant innovation in terms of quality of detection and speed, business get benifit of using the latest and best technology

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¢ 50/ Image

  • Up to 5 projects
  • Up to 10 collabrators
  • 2gb of storage


¢ 50/ Image

  • Up to 10 projects
  • Up to 20 collabrators
  • 10gb of storage
  • Real-time collabration


¢ 25/ Image

  • unlimited projects
  • Unlimited collabrators
  • Unlimited of storage
  • Real-time collabration
  • 24x7 Support

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